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to Nhi and Mina and Kandyluxa

heyyy so i really wanna meet yous in graal ;-; yous seem like rlly nice ppl

pm me plz

my name is katherine and im in the gang iProfit Deluxe

please meet me if u have graal ;-;

i tried

sooo i tried to do a gif and heres how it turned out





zoey needs lessons in gfx lol

so im taking over for now


so, katherine is retiring

😦 i have no idea why.

but like shes really busy

she will post

maybe, ok?



katherine is gonna hire me as an admin :3 and she still will be a admin


shes hiring my cousin

and she has a pc so we be gfx buddies

sorry 4 no posts

more coming soon



ok hi its kath. i forgot to give u somethin


bye love u all xoxo

im not fully retiring but im just not gonna post alot


Im a new member :3 aka Katherine’s cousin

so like hows it going? (My page is being a butthole rn coz im using ipad for typing a post)

ofc imma be editing lol

thats all i gotta say lolol



graaloween head is finished

it’s bad


im a starter so dont make fun of me pls

credits to cd

graaloween head

so im editing a head from click here

anyway heres the preview ii

A new start ;)

So, I had a ton of stuff on here

I also did not give credits for the heads I posted (wth give credits katherine)

Anyway, I only do edits

Keep in mind – i still don’t know how to do gif

I DO NOT remove the original owner’s watermarks

Unless they are my personals lol

I hope u all enjoy my edits 😘